3 reasons why Gippsland is a great place for young professionals

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Millennials are changing where they live. More are choosing peaceful Regional Australia over busy cities.

In the last five years, over 57,000 millennials moved to regional areas, a big change from the 37,000 who left earlier.

This isn’t surprising. Regional Australia offers affordable living, job possibilities, and a good work-life balance.

Gippsland, especially, attracts millennials with affordable homes and a chance for a more balanced life. So if you’re looking for a tree or sea change, here are 3 reasons why you should move to Gippsland.

Affordable Living in a Beautiful Place

Is it expensive to live in Gippsland? Even though national housing is a challenge, Gippsland shines with affordable options.

In the heart of Gippsland, there’s an affordable haven. Millennials love Gippsland for its peaceful blend of home, nature, and community.

Gippsland isn’t just a location; it’s a commitment to affordable living surrounded by stunning landscapes.

If you’re looking to buy, Gippsland’s homes are affordable. The median house price is $610,000, way less than Melbourne’s $1,040,00.

Gippsland offers not just a dream of owning a home but actual numbers supporting millennials in buying homes. Gippsland’s landscapes make affordable living part of a lifestyle that fits well with nature.

Regional Renaissance: Growing Employment Opportunities

Regional Australia is winning over millennials, and Gippsland goes beyond beautiful landscapes and affordable homes.

Wondering if there’s work in Gippsland? The numbers speak for themselves. Between May 2022 and May 2023, jobs in Gippsland went up by 13.8%.

It’s not just one type—there are opportunities in nursing, administration, sales, social work, construction, and retail.

Baw Baw Shire, in the heart of Gippsland, is a great example of living and working in this thriving region.

Towns like Warragul showcase the balance between urban comforts and a lively community spirit. Warragul offers various job opportunities, making it a hub for retail and healthcare.

Gippsland’s charm goes beyond big towns. Smaller ones like Drouin, Longwarry, Neerim, Trafalgar, and Yarragon add to the varied job opportunities in the region.

They don’t just provide jobs; they offer a complete living experience that aligns with Gippsland’s unique values.

Achieving Harmony: Balancing Work and Life

For millennials seeking a fulfilling life, work-life balance is crucial. In SEEK’s data, work-life balance is more important than salary in many industries.

In Gippsland, this balance is natural. Gippsland’s communities offer more than just jobs; they create an environment where life outside of work is rewarding.

Take Inverloch, where you could take a walk on the beach after your meeting.

Leongatha, rich in culture, offers not just professional growth but a thriving community life.

In Korumburra, life slows down, letting residents appreciate their careers and the beauty around them.

Mirboo invites professionals to breathe in fresh air after work, providing peace that complements the daily hustle.

Foster, surrounded by nature reserves, is peaceful yet professionally rewarding. Each town contributes to a work-life balance that suits millennials.

No matter what you’re looking for, Gippsland gives you a career that fits your ideal lifestyle.

Conclusion: Gippsland – More Than a Destination

As millennials reshape living in Australia, Gippsland stands out. It’s not just about affordable living, job growth, and beautiful landscapes.

Gippsland offers a perfect mix of professional satisfaction and a balanced lifestyle. It’s an ideal place for those looking for more than just work – a place to call home.

Ready for Gippsland?

Gippsland is more than a destination; it’s an invitation to affordable living, professional growth, and a harmonious lifestyle.

Best Match Recruitment is ready to guide your career journey in Gippsland. Whether you love the coast in Bass Coast or the natural beauty of Baw Baw Shire, Gippsland is ready for you.

Come for the beauty, stay for the lifestyle – your next chapter begins in Gippsland. Explore your next career opportunities with Best Match Recruitment today!

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