Most Popular Industries in Latrobe, Gippsland in 2023

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A s we delve into the Australian Government Employment Data1, we uncover the transformative employment trends shaping Latrobe’s workforce in 2023.

Latrobe, with its diverse ecosystems mirrors the diversity inherent in its economic fabric.

It’s a place where the pulse of tradition, especially in sectors like agriculture and forestry, beats alongside the rapid rhythms of modern industries like construction and healthcare.

In this landscape of economic fluidity, businesses and workers alike find themselves navigating a terrain where innovation meets heritage.

As we explore the employment trends and popular industries in Latrobe for 2023, we unravel not just statistical data.

It’s the narrative of a region that’s committed to change while staying rooted in the values that make Gippsland a thriving, vibrant community in the heart of Victoria.

Top Five Employing Industries

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From the steadfast traditions rooted in agriculture and forestry to the dynamic rhythms of the burgeoning construction and healthcare sectors, each industry contributes to the vibrant character of Latrobe.

So, what are the top employing industries in Latrobe in 2023, and what trends are we seeing in comparison to 2022?


      1. Healthcare and Social Assistance – 16.7% (Aug 2023) vs. 16.6% (Aug 2022):

    Healthcare and Social Assistance continue to dominate Latrobe’s employment landscape, with a marginal increase from 16.6% in August 2022 to 16.7% in 2023.

    This sector’s resilience underscores its vital role in the community, with opportunities expanding for skilled professionals.

    The upward trajectory signals sustained growth, offering a promising outlook for job seekers and employers alike.


        1. Construction – 12.9% (Aug 2023) vs. 5.7% (Aug 2022):

      The Construction industry has undergone a remarkable transformation, surging from 5.7% in August 2022 to a substantial 12.9% in 2023.

      This significant leap reflects a booming construction sector, creating a demand for skilled workers.

      The variance highlights the industry’s rapid expansion, presenting exciting prospects for those seeking employment in construction-related fields.


          1. Retail Trade – 10.3% (Aug 2023) vs. 10.6% (Aug 2022):

        While the Retail Trade sector experienced a slight decrease from 10.6% in August 2022 to 10.3% in 2023, it remains a key player in Latrobe’s employment landscape.

        This variance emphasises the sector’s resilience amidst economic fluctuations.

        It also highlights the consistent need for a dynamic and skilled workforce to sustain commercial activities in the region.


            1. Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing – 8.8% (Aug 2023) vs. 8.4% (Aug 2022):

          The Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing sector maintain a stable presence, with an 8.8% employment share in August 2023 compared to 8.4% in the previous year.

          This modest increase signifies the ongoing demand for skilled workers in these essential industries.

          As Latrobe continues its commitment to sustainable practices, opportunities in this sector remain steady.


              1. Education and Training – 8% (Aug 2023) vs. 7.4% (Aug 2022):

            Education and Training have witnessed a noteworthy increase in employment, rising from 7.4% in August 2022 to 8% in 2023.

            This growth underscores the region’s dedication to nurturing a skilled workforce, reflecting the demand for qualified professionals in the education sector.

            The variance highlights the sector’s contribution to the region’s educational landscape.

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