Top Reasons Why Hiring Entry-Level Workers is Valuable in Gippsland

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In today’s competitive job market, the journey of entry-level workers takes centre stage. These individuals, embarking on their careers, face unique challenges and opportunities that require a strategic approach to help them succeed. Leveraging valuable insights from SEEK, we provide you with a glimpse into how a tight labour market can unlock opportunities for entry-level workers in Gippsland.

“In a tight labour market, employers tend to consider job applications they might otherwise have discarded, and they tend to loosen their selection criteria”, says Matt Cowgill, Senior Economist at SEEK1.

This profound insight from SEEK’s data is a game-changer for entry-level workers in Gippsland. It signifies a shift that offers unprecedented opportunities for individuals taking their first steps in their careers.

A booming labour market can make the first step into the workforce easier, and SEEK’s data paints a compelling picture. Before the era of COVID, only 1.1% of job ads stated that no prior experience was necessary. However, during the labour market boom of 2021-22, this figure steadily rose, with 1.9% of job ads requiring no experience by November 2022.

While the demand for workers has moderated somewhat since, with figures standing at 1.65% in September 2023, the impact remains profound. These statistics highlight the immense potential for entry-level workers to enter the job market, especially in Gippsland, where the unemployment rate remains low.

Lower Unemployment Through Strong Demand

In the post-COVID ‘jobs boom’ period, it was the lowest paid bracket that experienced the most significant surge in demand. SEEK recorded more than double the number of job ads in these categories in mid-2022 compared to early 2020, before the disruptions caused by COVID and lockdowns. Lower-paid jobs often require fewer educational qualifications, and this sector comprises occupations like ‘administrative assistants,’ ‘warehousing, storage and distribution workers,’ and ‘chefs/cooks.’ While job ad volumes have moderated for all salary bands since mid-2022, they remain well above February 2020 levels for lower-paid roles. In contrast, job ads for the highest paid grouping are slightly below pre-COVID levels. 

Importantly, this decline in unemployment has been most prominent among workers with no post-school qualifications. In August 2023, the unemployment rate for workers lacking post-school qualifications stood at 5.8%, marking a remarkable 2.1 percentage point reduction compared to May 2019. Even those with some post-school qualifications have experienced improvements, with a 1.5 percentage point reduction for those holding vocational qualifications and a slightly less than 1 percentage point reduction for university graduates.

Creating Entry-Level Opportunities in Gippsland

At Best Match Recruitment, we are dedicated to helping you unlock the full potential of entry-level opportunities in this thriving region. SEEK’s data emphasises that a strong labour market tends to favour entry-level roles the most, offering a pivotal entry point into the job market. This data is consistent with various research findings, suggesting that disadvantaged individuals benefit the most from a booming labour market, as it creates numerous opportunities for them to take that crucial first step up the job ladder.

In Gippsland, industries such as construction, manufacturing, healthcare, education, administration and hospitality can reap the benefits of a tight labour market by creating opportunities for entry-level workers. Here are some examples of how employers can leverage entry-level workers in their specific industry:

1)      Construction:

·        Entry-Level Labour Force: With a booming labour market, Gippsland’s construction industry can leverage the opportunity to attract entry-level workers for various roles such as construction labourers, apprentices, and site assistants.

·        Enhanced Project Efficiency: Well-structured onboarding processes can help new construction employees quickly adapt to project sites, leading to increased efficiency, smoother workflows, and timely project completion.

·        Skills Development: Mentorship programs within the construction sector can facilitate the transfer of knowledge and skills from experienced professionals to entry-level workers, ensuring they become proficient in construction techniques, safety protocols, and industry-specific practices.

2)      Manufacturing:

·         Production Workforce: Manufacturers can benefit from a more extensive talent pool for entry-level positions in production and assembly lines.

·         Reduced Turnover: Effective onboarding can improve employee retention, reducing the need for frequent hiring and training.

·         Safety Protocols: Structured training can instill strict safety measures, reducing workplace accidents and ensuring the well-being of entry-level workers.

3)      Healthcare:

·         Nursing and Support Staff: The healthcare sector, including hospitals, clinics, and aged care facilities, can recruit and onboard entry-level nursing and support staff more effectively.

·         Patient Care: Structured training can ensure new healthcare employees provide the highest quality care to patients, enhancing overall patient satisfaction.

·         Skill Development: Mentorship programs can aid in skill development for entry-level healthcare professionals, ensuring they quickly become valuable assets to the organisation.

4)      Education:

·         Teaching Assistants: Schools and educational institutions can employ more teaching assistants, supporting educators in the classroom.

·         Improved Learning Environments: Personalised welcomes and structured training for entry-level education staff can contribute to a more conducive learning environment for students.

·         Long-Term Commitment: Clear career pathways can encourage entry-level education professionals to commit to a long-term career in the field.

5)      Administration:

·         Office Support Staff: A tight labour market enables organisations to find skilled entry-level office support staff more easily, whether for administrative assistants, data entry positions, or customer service roles.

·         Efficient Workflow: Effective onboarding can ensure that entry-level admin staff quickly become proficient, contributing to streamlined office operations and productivity.

·         Customer Satisfaction: In the administration sector, structured training programs can help entry-level employees better understand customer needs and provide exceptional service.

6)      Hospitality:

·         Food Service Staff: In Gippsland’s thriving hospitality industry, restaurants, cafes, and hotels can capitalise on a tight labour market by hiring and onboarding entry-level staff for various roles, including waitstaff, kitchen helpers, and bartenders.

·         Customer Experience: Personalised welcomes and comprehensive training programs can improve the overall customer experience, increasing repeat business and positive reviews.

·         Employee Retention: Structured onboarding and mentorship programs can contribute to lower staff turnover, reducing the constant need for hiring and training new hospitality employees.

Partnering with Best Match Recruitment in Gippsland

As a trusted recruitment partner in Gippsland, Best Match Recruitment stands ready to help you tap into these emerging opportunities for entry-level workers. With insights derived from labour market data, we can guide your organisation in navigating the dynamic landscape of entry-level recruitment in this booming landscape.

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If you’re eager to enhance your recruitment strategies for entry-level roles within your Gippsland-based organisation and explore more ways to seize these emerging opportunities, connect with Best Match Recruitment. Our team of experienced recruitment experts is here to assist you in harnessing the potential of Gippsland’s dynamic job market.

Together, we’ll pave the way for entry-level workers to embark on successful career journeys, making your organisation an attractive destination for top talent. Best Match Recruitment is your trusted partner in this endeavour.


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