Yet Another Great Reason to Use a Recruitment Agency

Reasons to use a recruitment agency

Help Drive Australia’s Economic Recovery – A Reason to Use a Recruitment Agency

Whether you are new to using, or considering using, a recruitment agency – or you’ve been using them for years – the recent report commissioned by the RCSA in response to the pandemic; “Leveraging Australia’s Workforce to Drive Economic Recovery”, found that the current level of uncertainty and low confidence in the economy is likely to drive business towards flexible labour solutions, including workers sourced through recruitment agencies.

A key finding of the report found businesses which draw on recruitment agency workers during the economic downturn and recovery are likely to achieve greater productivity and accelerate quicker out of the downturn.

“Using staffing agencies to support displaced workers and businesses in the early stages of economic recovery is likely to stimulate additional production of almost $1 billion over the course of the economic recovery”, the report found.

Best Match Recruitment has a long history of responding quickly to changes in the labour market and economy, while advising clients and professional networks across the Gippsland and South East Melbourne regions. Our ability to efficiently source and place short and long-term labour solutions has us placed to make a substantial contribution to future economic adjustment and recovery.

Support and Protection for Workers

The report found that recruitment agencies support and protect workers in the process of mobilising and placing them in work. They create vital transition pathways for workers while ensuring the protections in workplace laws are met. Here is what recruitment agencies can do specifically:

  • Provide their workforce with protections including the Fair Work Act, Modern Awards, Work Health and Safety, worker’s compensation and anti-discrimination. These protections are not provided to other gig-economy workers matched to work through freelance platforms.
  • Assist displaced workers to transition back to permanent employment in a recovering economy, without losing the protection of workplace laws.
  • Provide a transition pathway from unemployment to agency work, and on to permanent employment in a recovering economy, as well as a transition to employment for young people.

Contribution to Business Confidence and Growth

The report also found that the recruitment agency workforce is vital to building business confidence and stimulating investment and growth following a downturn. Businesses may be reluctant to commit to permanent recruitment unless they are confident the economy is stable and market conditions are improving. The current level of uncertainty is likely to drive business toward flexible labour solutions, such as part time and temporary roles until conditions improve. Recruitment agencies can assist employers by providing them with a pool of viable employees, allowing them to expand and respond to work fluctuations quickly as conditions improve, which is particularly important in economic recovery. 

Here at Best Match Recruitment, our highly trained consultants are poised to help you and your business navigate what may feel like an uncertain future. We are flexible to your needs and can assist with both temporary and permanent recruitment solutions. Call us today on (03) 5622 0986 to discuss how we can help you.


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